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Welcome to Our Cyber Umbrella Affiliate Mission Partner Page

Welcome to our Cyber Umbrella Affiliate Mission Partner page. If you're here, you already recognize that our mission is as urgent and vital as that of a modern-day Paul Revere: to spread the warning far and wide, "The cyberattack is coming, the cyberattack is coming!"

About Us

Cyber Umbrella is a Non Profit Organization on a Mission to Help Protect American Businesses

Our goal is to bring awareness and help IT departments get up to speed. Give a third party second opinion.  Many businesses are not as secure as they think.

Our Mission

Cyber Umbrella, is a division of Love Vision Inc a faith based non-profit organization that has a mission to provide as many American businesses with a penetration test and cyber security assessment report to inform them if they are vulnerable to the new technology and increase in cyberattacks. Our ultimate goal is be a patriot in the cyber war  protecting as many consumers personal data and our way of life.

Our Initiatives

Our initiative begins with the Cyber Umbrella Grant. This presents a unique opportunity for businesses to receive a complimentary penetration test on up to five computers. Following the test, each grant recipient is provided with a detailed cyber assessment report. Cyber Umbrella and the telco united Cyber team dedicate a 30-minute consultation to review the report, elucidate its findings, and address any questions. The insights gained through this process are immensely beneficial. This evaluation often come with a price tag of up to $5,000 in the cybersecurity industry.

Cyber Umbrella Partnered with Telco United Cyber

To engage driven individuals as Affiliate Mission Partners, Cyber Umbrella partnered with Telco United Cyber based on the principle of tithing. We've secured an agreement for a lifespan of the client residual income of 10% on any business that, after using our grant and identifying cyber issues, chooses Telco United Cyber to resolve those issues and maintain ongoing cybersecurity measures.

We are thrilled about this partnership as Telco United Cyber is a industry leader. Although they have the capabilities to handle large firms and government contracts, they have the best affordable program that offers enhanced security for small businesses we could find. This amplifies our capacity to disseminate critical information to your clients, followers, and through your platforms—be it your clients, ministry, television, radio, or podcasts. Advocating for our free grant not only contributes to securing America but also supports your lifelong mission with residual funding. Together, we can join forces in a noble cause. Rest assured, this is a fight against the rising tide of evil, and we are determined to prevail.

It's become an Absolute Necessity

Who are Affiliate Mission Partners?

Influencer: Those that can reach large groups of individuals through associations. Those who have large followings. Those that are connected to other Influencers or the other Affiliates types.

Ministry: Those that are involved in ministry that see the value in promoting The Cyber Umbrella grant to fight the evil doers to protect your community while earning a residual income that will support your ministry.

TV show:  Talk about this issue or run Cyber Security commercials with your unique tracking code.

Radio Show: Talk about this issue or run Cyber Security commercials with your unique tracking code.

Podcaster: Talk about this issue or run Cyber Security commercials with your unique tracking code.

Motivated Mission based entrepreneur: Are you the deal maker that wants to get Cyber Umbrella grants out there and build a significant residual based on your effort and the grantees that convert into Telco United Cyber clients?

"There has been a significant increase in the use of technology and the number of attacks. The wave of small business attacks is predicted to increase by over 300% this year. We need your help to test and secure as many businesses as quickly as possible. We have set up this program to reward those who join our mission. 'The laborer is worthy of his wages.'"

Frequently Asked Questions

How are my referrals tracked?

Each approved affiliate will receive a unique code. The grant form will not submit with out an a assigned code. You may display this code in your marketing. You will also be provided with a dynamic link that places your code in our grant form. You will also receive each referral tagged to your code in an email. You will also have a log in to track the referral if they convert to a Telco united client and the monthly billing Amount.

What is a qualified business?

What is not a qualified business is someone working from home who does not have a tax id number and  has less than three computers. There are exceptions. Just be aware that not everyone who fills out the form with your Id number will be approved for the grant. Not being approved is the exception and our goal is to get America secured.

What happens to my residuals if the agreement is terminated?

Your 10% residuals will be paid as long as the client remains a client. You are being paid on collected funds from the previous month. If a breach of contract is the reason for termination then residuals will not be continued to be paid.

What types of penetration testing services does Cyber Umbrella offer?

Cyber Umbrella offers a range of penetration testing services, including network penetration testing, web application penetration testing, wireless network penetration testing, and social engineering assessments.

Can anyone become an Affiliate Mission Partner?

NO, You must be invited and approved. Filling out our form does not constitute an approval.

What the experts are saying

“As the digital landscape expands, so does the realm of cyber threats. A cyber security expert is your compass, guiding you through the complexities of online risks and ensuring a safe journey in the virtual wilderness.”

Casey O Connor

Cyber Support Consultant

“In the world of technology, the only constant is change, and with change comes new cyber threats. A cyber security expert is your ally in this ever-shifting landscape, adapting strategies to keep your defenses strong..”

Robert J. Darling

Lt. Col. (Ret.), United States Marine Corps.

“Cyber Umbrella was formed as a modern day Paul Revere. We are reaching out to businesses across America yelling. “The cyber attack is coming, the cyber attack is coming!” Every business should get tested.”

Michael Benson

CEO at Cyber Umbrella

Our Trusted Partner

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